The Smart Cities Living Lab is currently working on the following projects:

  • Smart Advertising: we have developed and installed interactive media stations (“totems”) for the cities of Siracusa and Bologna, aimed at disseminating tourist info and citizen open data.
  • Urban Metabolism: we have designed a mobile sensor network for urban air quality monitoring of gaseous and particulate pollutants and deployed it aboard the public transportation bus fleet in Bologna.
  • Smart Mobility: we have developed urban traffic and parking space vacancy monitoring solutions at key locations in the city Bologna based on video analysis and solenoid valve coil sensor technologies.
  • Smart Data: we combine our heterogeneous computing resources with Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence methods, in order to analyze and archive data from our projects (esp Urban Methabolism), as well as from other Open Data sources from our territory.


Smart Metabolism Bologna

Smart Mobility Bologna.

Smart Advertising Bologna